Installation of heat pumps and air conditioners

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Installation of heat pumps

Today, heat pumps are one of the fastest growing heating systems in Europe. The price of heat pumps is different, depending on their type, manufacturer and heat pump capacity.

Building a new house or renovating an old one can be a big headache. Especially when trying to install efficient, economical heating, cooling, ventilation or water heating systems that will reliably warm the house and last for many years.

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Air to air heat pumps

Air-to-air heat pumps perform two functions: heating and cooling, which is why they are also called air conditioners. The principle of their operation is very simple - the equipment filters the air taken from the environment and blows it into the room after it has warmed up. Air-to-air heat pumps can heat rooms even up to -30℃ outdoor temperature (depending on the selected model). The power of the heat pumps is selected individually, taking into account the building's heat losses, the size and orientation of the windows, the heat emitted by the devices in the room. The advantage of this system is that it is possible to both heat and cool the premises, avoiding a large investment in the installation of a heating system.

Air-water heat pumps

Air-to-water heat pumps work on a similar principle to air-to-air heating, but instead of heating air, an air-to-water system heats water. It comes in two types: monobloc (consisting of one block - outdoor) and "Split" type (consisting of two blocks - outdoor and indoor).

The work of heat pumps is quite simple. The main parts of the heat pump include: compressor, freon gas, evaporators, heat exchangers, fans and control unit. Two environments (outdoor and indoor) could also be considered as indirect parts, because without them no processes would take place. Usually, the listed parts form two blocks, that is, outdoor and indoor. This type of heat pump is called Split type. Some models of heat pumps consist only of an outdoor unit, this type of heat pump is called monoblock.

Santechnikos montavimai, UAB

Air conditioner

We have experience installing both small and large air conditioning systems. We only use equipment from famous and reliable manufacturers, so we can always ensure the highest quality of our work.

An air conditioner is a device that requires constant special maintenance. All air conditioner manufacturers recommend regular maintenance of the equipment to prevent unexpected breakdowns and ensure the longevity of the equipment. Unclean air filters, a leaky refrigerant (freon) system, and damage during installation and operation are the most common causes of breakdowns. An improperly maintained air conditioner can harm your health and work simply inefficiently - uneconomically, i.e. use more electricity than specified by the manufacturer.

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