Santechnikos montavimai, UAB

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Heating systems, ventilation, cooling, sewage, water supply, design, sales.
Santechnikos montavimai, UAB

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We will solve all your problems!

Santechnikos montavimai, UAB, is a company providing plumbing and installation services since 2019.
We do all plumbing work.

We will solve all your problems!

Every customer is important to us, so your concerns will become our concerns. We delve into each situation down to the smallest detail and, after making a decision, we introduce the client to the possible solution options, the future course of work, and the preliminary price.

We will do everything so that you are satisfied with our work and recommend us to others!

Santechnikos montavimai, UAB

100% quality of work

Heating systems, ventilation, cooling, sewage, water supply, design, sales

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100% quality of work!
Šilumos siurblių ir kondicionierių montavimas

Installation of heat pumps and air conditioners

Today, heat pumps are one of the fastest growing heating systems in Europe. The price of heat pumps is different, depending on their type, manufacturer and heat pump capacity.

Katilų montavimas ir katilinių įrengimas

Installation of boilers and boiler rooms

Many have to face the question of what type of boiler installation you need in your house. We will advise you on which type of heating to choose and offer you a low price for installing and installing the boiler.

Vandentiekio ir nuotekų sistemos

Water supply and sewage systems

It is extremely important to install water supply and sewage systems in a high-quality way, since poor-quality work can cause huge losses and increased water bills, accidents requiring repair work.

Šildymo sistemos

Heating systems

We will design and install a centralized heating system in your house or apartment. We will select the most suitable boiler and the most efficient construction for the heating system.

Betono gręžimas

Concrete drilling

Drilling holes in concrete is a popular service in the construction industry, which has its own unique and effective advantages.

Dūmtraukių montavimas

Installation of chimneys

Chimneys that are poorly installed, leaky and made of unsuitable materials can become the cause of poisoning or fire at any time. We will responsibly help you install a high-quality chimney.

All plumbing services

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