Altair Plus

NØRDIS ALTAIR Plus is an improved version of the Altair series. Energy-saving, quiet and reliable air conditioners, in which the manufacturer has combined high quality, advanced technology and an attractive price. This model has a wide range of functions that ensure easy and convenient use both at home and in the office. Due to the improvement of technical solutions, Altair Plus air conditioners work when the outdoor temperature drops to -22 °C.
The air conditioners feature a stylish, modern and compact design. A++ and A+ energy class ensures low energy consumption, and modern functions will create a cozy environment in air-conditioned rooms.

  • The self-cleaning function removes dirt accumulated inside the device - a special 30-minute program ensures that dirt and bacteria do not remain.
  • The smart 3D Airflow function blows air towards the ceiling during cooling mode, creating a cool falling air effect. When the heating mode is selected, the air is blown to the floor, from which it is evenly distributed in the room.
  • "I FEEL" function: the sensor on the remote control allows you to continuously monitor and automatically adjust the room temperature level. The air conditioner will maintain the set temperature in the place where the remote control is located.
  • Anti-rust technology protects the outdoor device from rusting and extends the life of the device. Better sealing prevents moisture, insects and dust.
  • The night mode regulates the temperature at night and improves the quality of sleep. The device raises or lowers the air temperature by 1-2℃ every hour. After 10 hours of sleep mode, the air conditioner will return to the previous setting mode.
  • The conditioner maintains the right level of humidity, so wet clothes can be dried even in rainy weather.
  • Forced defrost function - forced defrost can be started using a combination of buttons in heating mode.
  • The 6-speed fan will allow you to choose the most suitable airflow for you!